Distribution boards are known by many different names; DB Box; panelboard; electric panel or a breaker panel,  A DB Board forms part of an electrical supply system. An electrical supply system feeds into various circuits while a DB board protects them by providing circuit breakers or fuses. Almost all businesses and houses will have at least one distribution board. They are always located where main electrical lines come through to the building or structure. The amount of electricity will determine the size of the distribution board that is required. The DB board will only allow the amount of electricity allowed by the circuit breaker installed into the distribution board, creating some safety. Distribution boards also make sure that surges don't cause damage to equipment. 

Frequently asked Questions:

Does a distribution board need a cover?

Although we might think it is general knowledge that a DB board needs a cover, that is not always true. In fact, most regulations only require that the panel board have a "dead front". This means that there should be no live current in front of the panel. The simplest way to ensure that there is no live current in front of the panel board is to put a door or cover on it. 

What types of labels may be used for Distribution boards?

Just putting the correct information on your labels is not enough, it is imperative that you use the correct labels too. You need to make sure that the labels you use will not catch fire or conduct electricity as this could be extremely dangerous. In most cases the optimal option is to use vinyl labels as this sort of label is non-conductive and fire retardant. Vinyl stickers also last a very long time which makes sure that labels are also easily readable which is very important. 

How electrical fires begin and can be prevented. 

6.3% percent of all house fires are electric and even more so with regards to business fires. Some of the most common causes of electrical fires are; light fixtures that contain bulbs that exert too many watts, damaged extension cords showing exposed wire, faulty outlets that cause sparks and the overloading of a circuit. If you have all your electrical work done by a trained professional the chances of an electrical fire are so much lower. Getting cheap electrical work done can be extremely dangerous and may result in injury or even death. 

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